In the Inpatient setting, the patient/client is either a hospitalized in a hospital facility or an extended
residential setting.
Patients that get to the point where they have been suffering from addiction for many many years,
and have no choice but to enter into a residential drugs you have a location facility for an extended period of time, between 30 to 60 days Where
they are in a locked facility and it is a home
setting where they stay every night and they
cannot leave the facility for that many days and during this time they are receiving in 10 P
from at therapist as well as group therapy and
other types of education, as well as meditation
And other services, all directed towards
assisting this individual in discounting the
utilization of substance to reach this individual he’s addicted to.

This drug rehabilitation program is called an alcohol and drug residential rehabilitation program. I need to a licensed residential facility that is licensed by the state in each state of the United States of America.

The residential setting where these individuals are treated as is referred to as Residential Alcohol & Drug Rehabilitation Facility; which is generally a Furnished House; which has gone through a rigorous licensing process, to be deemed qualified both on the State as well as the Federal Level to be Qualified to provide the appropriate Level of Care necessary for the individuals who are treated in these facilities. For a Residential Facility, beside a License, there are several various Qualifications such as Accreditation, Certifications, etc. that are necessary to be obtained in order to be deemed qualified and must be maintained from year to year. Within the Residential Facility, just like in a hospital, the individuals are required to participate in an obligatory daily routine, which would be generally focused on:


Implementing a Successful
Normal Life Routine of Daily
Grooming and Personal Hygiene

Sleep and Rest, Personal Care

Daily Adequate Nutritional Intake


Incorporate Addiction Medicine



Group Therapy


One-On-One Coaching

Alone Time

Group Social Time

Out Door Activitie

Scheduled Fun Activities

Art & Music Therapy and many other
prescribed necessary services,
deemed to be required, to prepare
the individual for transfer to a
Level-Down-Stage of Out-Patient-Care.


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