In the United States of America, as in the rest of the world, the drug and alcohol
rehabilitation industry is a massive, multi-tens-of-million-dollar,
multi-discipline industry.

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Any addiction, whether it is to alcohol, illicit drugs or any other thing such as gambling or sex, is a multi-faceted, multi-factorial condition; and these factors include but are not limited to social, environmental, physical, medical, genetic, economical, and legal; hence the condition of addiction to be successfully addressed, it needs to be also addressed by a multidisciplinary, holistically oriented team.


Any addiction, it is noteworthy that, a large percent of individuals who are suffering from any kind of addiction, are not “weak” individuals and it is not their “fault” that they are inflicted with the condition from which they suffer so severely. But because of the decades of trauma, abuse, neglect, disrespect, blame and other suffering that they have been subjected to, these individuals first and foremost must be assessed by a qualified Psychiatrist.

Don’t Delay Your Recovery

Majority of these individuals, have multitude of factors that have massively contributed to their condition, a majority of which have not been
in their own control. Things like genetics, body chemical imbalances and brain neurotransmitter imbalance; emotional and mood issues that have gone inadequately treated; external factors,
such as social environment of the
individual, inter-family issues, community
and general societal issues; financial
pressures and factors in addition to many
These issues require the initial assessment of a qualified and caring Psychiatrist who would then determine the specific treatment-plan for the individual. As each individual is different so is everyone’s needed individualized care-plan going to be different and this must be designed by a qualified and specially trained Addiction-Psychiatrist. The such ideal Psychiatrist truly cares to understand the patient’s needs and is open-minded enough to prescribe and coordinate the entire care plan of the patient throughout the care of the patient.

Throughout the United States of America, in general, the severity of illness & level of care provided to a patient/client, is divided into two major categories. Inpatient, as in a hospitalization/residential setting or Outpatient setting.


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