On the other hand, Outpatient Services could be provided at Intense Out-Patient Psychotherapy
Facilities (Licensed IOP Facilities) wherein the individuals receive intense group and individual therapy;
or in other various kinds of settings, depending on the stage of treatment and the condition of the
individual being treated.

The settings could also include the office of the physician where Addiction Medicine Care is being provided by Physician Specialists who specialize in the care of patients suffering from addiction to Alcohol and Drugs. By providing various medications that can alleviate the cravings, and the symptoms that cause severe suffering to these individuals when they are deprived of the substances they are addicted to, these physicians assist the patients in the process of becoming sober and returning back to the state of normal health.

In addition, in the process of caring for the patient’s best outpatient needs, one or most of the following services are most likely necessary:

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